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Lovina Beach
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Lovina, best described as Bali’s tropical gem, is a precious location in northern Bali which is surrounded by beautiful scenery whose charm attracts visitors from the world over.

Hidden between the mountain region at Bedugul and the expansive Bali Sea, this getaway is the perfect way to relax; undoubtedly one of the best ways to experience the beauty of Bali.

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History has it that the name was introduced in the mid-20th Century when the then king of Buleleng built a tourist lodge and called it ‘Lovina’. Today, the name refers to the traditional villages totalling seven that stretch out for about 10kms.

The entire stretch towards the north is characterised by narrow strips of black beaches. The most popular water activity here is swimming. In spite of the black sand, the beaches are safe for swimmers. From a distance the waters may appear dirty, but they are in fact crystal clear: the dirt appearance is attributed to the black sand.

Other popular water activities include snorkelling where one comes up close with the biodiversity of marine life, diving as well as touring the coral reefs. For many visitors, watching the dolphins as they play about is one of the most exhilarating activities here.

To get to Lovina, visitors can use Perama shuttle buses which connect from a number of locations, including Candidasa, Ubud and Kuta. With car rentals, it would take about 3 hours from Kuta and 2 hours from Ubud. On arrival, it is easy to get around as the beaches are not crowded. Public buses known as ‘bemos’ travel between West Bali and Singaraja, making stops at all stages across the coastal line. This does get crowded, so if you choose this option, be prepared for the experience.

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