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Legian is a lovely beach nestled between Kuta, the popular surf location and party town, and the relaxed and laid back Seminyak.

This beach is not your average crowded coastal getaway, which makes it ideal for visitors who are looking for a quiet and exclusive vacation.

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For outdoor lovers, the low tides make the beach an amazingly tranquil place to take a long stroll along the beach or during high tide, take a dip to cool down when the temperatures get too high.

You can take surfing lessons at Legian Beach during the day and at night the beach comes to life with restaurants and bars playing music with DJs and live bands. Check out Bahiana and the Cocoon Beach Club if you are looking for somewhere with a party atmosphere.

Waterbom Park is located right near Legian and has activities and attractions to suit everyone with thrilling rides, relaxing sunbeds, lazy rivers and dining options. Bring the whole family and have a fun day out!

You will find heaps of extreme rides here including Fast’n’Fierce, Green Vipers, Pipeline, Climax, Boomerang and Double Twist. These rides will get your adrenaline pumping with steep drops, tight turns and a super fast pace! For those looking for something with a more moderate pace, try the Constrictor, Python and Super Bowl. Some of these rides go in tandem and with a slower pace and less twist and turns, they aren’t as hair raising as the extreme rides.

If you love arts and would like to find out what the city’s art scene is like, head to the Legian Art Markets. The Markets are made of a couple of streets that host many boutiques. The most famous art stalls are known as Jalan Melasti and Jalan Mertanadi. Put your haggling skills to the test to make sure you get the best deals.

Getting around Legian is easy. For the most part, it is easy to get around on foot, but if travelling with kids, then the taxis will come in handy. The other choice is to use motorbikes, especially if you would like to explore like a local.

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