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Surfing is a popular activity on Bali, thanks to the numerous surfing hotspots scattered across the island. It is therefore little wonder that Bali is a dream holiday destination.

One of the reasons why Bali is known for surfing is because the island gets big ocean waves from the southern region, which means that there are awesome surfing hotspots across the southern coast of the island.

Surfing in Bali for Beginners & Advanced, Day Tours & Lessons

The best times to go Bali Surfing are between June and September when the weather is perfect for surfing. The flip side of coming during this period is that it is a peak tourist period, so make sure to book accommodation early.

For those who don’t know how to surf, take up one of the available surfing lessons to learn, you will be in the water in no time at all. Each of the lessons supply surfboards however you must bring your own bathers, towel and sunscreen.

Kids can also learn surfing by taking up any of the surfing lessons; with private lessons offered to kids of all ages. For larger groups, group discounts are also available.

Padang Padang Surf Camp is one of the surfing companies which can assist you to plan for your surfing experience. The camp is located on the Bukit Bali Peninsular and this location offers spectacular views and amazing surfing experiences. Take surf classes at the surf school on location if you are staying on the island for a long period. Other alternatives for Bali surfing include Odysseys surf school and Pro surf school in Kuta.

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