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Tumpek Krulut
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Tumpek Krulut

Tumpek Krulut, also known as Compassion Day, is an event that is celebrated after every 210 days on the island. The event’s name says it all.

As a day when locals express their gratitude for life and life’s blessings, it is easy to understand why this day is considered to be a very sacred day for the Balinese.

Tumpek Krulut Date in 2023, Compassion Day in Bali, Indonesia

In addition to showing gratitude, locals are also expected to show compassion to one another and, in particular, to be charitable to the less fortunate in society.

For foreigners, this is the perfect platform to get a feel of what Balinese lifestyle is all about as well as the daily activities that the locals are engaged in. In previous years, Tumpek Krulut has brought together tourists, the local community and religious leaders. In doing so, Bali prides itself as being culturally diverse.

Foreigners on the island can be part of these celebrations by stepping out on the scheduled Saturday to uphold the values that Balinese celebrate. Make an offering to someone less fortunate, or donate to a charity. Your contribution will be appreciated.


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Ceremonies are conducted at temples and villages around the Island, Bali, Indonesia

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