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Bali tours are the ultimate way to experience this enchanting island while making sure not to bypass the many famous attractions unique to the island.

The advantage of taking a tour is all the organising has been done for you so you need to only sit back and relax as you are taken from destination to destination.

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For instance, you may choose a temple tour that will take you to Bali’s most revered temples in your specific destination. Alternatively, you may choose to settle for mountain trekking tours that will see you conquer the island’s greatest summits. Another option is to settle for the cultural highlights that the island is best known for.

A good place to start hiking would be the four main volcanoes on the island. These include Mount Agung, Mount Merbuk, Mount Batur and Mount Bratan. Mount Agung is the most sacred of all mountains and is also the highest. Therefore Mount Agung presents the greatest challenge as far as hiking is concerned. Due to the challenging terrain, it is advisable for visitors to take an organised tour.

If staying in Ubud, head out on a tour that will take you through a bamboo forest, rice paddy fields and spring water temple. If staying near Denpasar, take a Komodo National Park your where you will be able to see the Komodo Dragon, the world’s largest lizard. During these tours, you will visit Rinca Island and Komodo Island which are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Most of the tours in Bali will include packages which you can book before arrival. So click the links below to browse the tours available and book your tour online today!

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