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Taking a trekking tour during your stay in Bali is a great way to discover the island’s natural beauty, whilst also spending a fun day in the outdoors.

There are so many tours available, and popular treks include Mount Batur Sunrise tour, Komodo National Park tours and Mount Agung Trekking tours.

Volcano, Jungle & Mountain Trekking Tours in Bali, Mount Batur

Various tour operators provide different packages to cater for many different fitness levels and desired duration. Most tours start and finish on the same day, whereas there are also some 2 or 3-day tours which take you up mountains, through rice paddy fields and into national parks.

Some of the most popular tours include trekking to the Sekumpul waterfall, the tallest waterfall in Bali. Located in the north of Bali, this secluded location is hard to reach by car which means a jungle trek is a perfect way to experience this tranquil location.

If you are prepared to get up early, very early, then make sure to book a tour to take you up Mount Batur for sunrise. This trek is a 5-hour journey which will have you at the summit of Mt. Batur where you can watch the magnificent sunrise with uninterrupted views.

Another popular tour is the 2-day trek of the Komodo National Park where you can see the world famous Komodo dragons at this UNESCO World Heritage site. You will travel by plane to this beautiful island and then spend your days trekking and snorkelling within this gorgeous landscape.

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