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Sanur Village Festival

Sanur Village Festival

The Sanur Village Festival is a yearly event held in the coastal village of Sanur. The festival celebrates arts, great food, culture and the environment.

Each year, the festival has different themes and draws thousands of international tourists to its shores with its message: “The New Spirit of Heritage”.

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The first festival was held in 2006 to try and boost tourism to this area after the Bali bombings of 2005. Each year the festival has grown and now is one of the biggest cultural celebrations on the island.

Some of the highlights of the Sanur Village Festival include fashion shows, culinary displays, sports competitions, environmental conservation programs and yoga demonstrations. Head to the different culinary stands and sample delicious local cuisine prepared by Balinese experts.

Environmental conservation programs are also an important part of this festival. Many activities are held to further conservation efforts, such as cleaning the beach, planting corals and planting exotic and endangered plant species.

You will also find photography exhibitions, a kite festival, a golf tournament, a fishing tournament and a cycling tour. The family-friendly event also attracts kids with many fun activities such as body painting, kite flying, beach games and a fun run for the whole family.

So come down to the Sanur Village Festival during your stay in Bali for an authentic Balinese cultural experience.

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  • Hello. We are from The Netherlands. Would like visit a kite festival in Sanur. I have read there will be a kite festival on Mentasari Beach Sanur on july 22th & july 23th. Can you confirm this. What time does a kite festival normally start and what time does it normally end? Hope you can help me. Thank you. Kind regards, Jo Haanen

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