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Bordered by coastline, Bali boasts an array of great fishing spots with massive fish colonies. So it’s no wonder the island offers many fishing tours from the island.

Whether or not you’re a deep-sea fishing fan, you’ll certainly enjoy a ride across the turquoise blue waters of Indonesia with one of the many popular fishing trips available.

Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Bali – Private Fishing Trips & Tours

Visitors coming in groups can also hire a private fishing charter for an exclusive fishing experience with their families and friends. Charters usually teach you a few techniques of local fishing methods; including live baiting and lure spinning techniques.

Kids will love the hands on experience of catching their very own fish, and you’ll be amazed with the variety of fish in these waters.

The most common types of fish include Barracuda, Ruby Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna and Mackarel. Other species that you are likely to come across include Marlin, Sailfish and the Amberjack.

You can share the charter with other groups or choose to hire the boat just for yourselves. Your charter captain may even teach you how to clean your fish so that you can cook up a feast for dinner.

You will find a number of fishing charter options below, where you can check their availability and make an advanced booking. So book online today!

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