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Ubud Food Festival
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Ubud Food Festival

The Ubud Food Festival is a three-day event that will tantalise your taste buds with a huge variety of Balinese and international cuisines.

Ubud is regarded as the cultural heartbeat of Bali and is a prime destination for local and foreign tourists. This means that it is the perfect location for this festival as it draws thousands of visitors each year.

Ubud Food Festival Dates 2022 Workshops & Cooking Classes, Bali

The Ubud Food Festival is the brainchild of Janet DeNeefe, founder of the popular Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. The festival is packed with activities including cooking demonstrations, workshops, food forums, food tours and heaps more.

The food festival will showcase cooking classes with the best chefs on the island where visitors can learn a thing or two about cooking local cuisine as well as gaining a few tips on how to cook some of the islands best delicacies.

There are also culinary talks and a number of workshops for those who would like to learn to cook from scratch or to further their skills. Many of the workshops and cooking session are conducted in English, making it accessible for foreign visitors who would like to get involved.

There are also wine-tasting sessions where you can taste a huge range of international wines which can be paired with Balinese cuisine. Also, make sure to head over to the market where you can meet local farmers and pick up some fresh farm produce.

The Ubud Food Festival is held primarily Taman Kuliner on Jl. Raya Sanggingan. A number of events also take place at venues across other parts of Ubud. Tickets can be bought on the day or online in advance.

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Where is the Ubud Food Festival located?
What is the Ubud Food Festival address?
Primarily located at the Festival Hub @ Taman Kuliner (Jl. Raya Sanggingan), where a host of free events; including the Think, Talk, Taste sessions, markets, Bahasa Indonesia-language cooking demonstrations, children’s program, live music and performances take place. The ticketing Kitchen Stage is held next door at the Indus restaurant. A number of Special Events, Fringe Events and Masterclasses also take place at various venues across Ubud., Ubud, Kedewatan

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What are the Ubud Food Festival entry prices?
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