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Dolphin Swimming
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Dolphin Swimming

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Interacting with dolphins is one of the most exciting activities you could engage in while holidaying in Bali.

Dolphins are lovely creatures, famed all over the world for their gentleness and playful nature, and you can get up close with these adorable water creatures on a dolphin your in Bali.

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Book a tour to take you out in the water where you can watch these magnificent creatures in the wild. Many tours include transfers from your accommodation, as well as breakfast or lunch, a temple visit and a waterfall viewing.

You can choose between tours where you remain on the boat and watch for dolphins, or there are also tours where you can enter the water and swim with these magnificent animals. You will receive instruction from a qualified dolphin expert and you will be supervised whilst in the water.

Some tours also include snorkelling, so make sure you bring your bathers and a towel so that you can get in the water and view the many marine animals that call Bali home right up close.

Most tours leave from Kuta and last for around half a day. A dolphin watching excursion is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

So make your trip to Bali a memorable one with a dolphin watching tour. Book online today!

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