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Waisak Day

Waisak Day

Waisak Day, also called Vesak Day, is a national holiday observed by locals in Bali and Indonesia to honour and celebrate Buddha.

As one of the common religions in mainland Indonesia, the celebrations attract pilgrims worldwide, as Vesak Day is the holiest day on the Buddhist calendar.

Waisak Day (Vesak Day) Bali 2024 Festival Celebration Dates, Indonesia

At the core of Vesak Day is the celebration of the birth of Buddha, nirvana (which refers to his enlightenment), as well as Parinirvana (which refers to his death).

The specific date of this celebration is determined by the Hindu Calendar and is scheduled on the day of the full moon in the fourth (Hindu) calendar month. For this reason, most of the Waisak Day celebrations fall in May (using the Gregorian Calendar). This date arrived since, according to the Buddhist religion, Buddha died on the day of the full moon in the fourth lunar month.

On the day of the celebrations, devout locals and foreigners who ascribe to Buddhist teachings will often gather at various temples at dawn. This is then followed by the raising of the Buddhist flag, accompanied by the placing of offerings at the feet of Buddha statues.

Visitors in Bali for the first time during these celebrations will be in awe of the numerous flowers and may wonder why. The explanation is that just like beautiful flowers, life is amazing. As the flowers wither, so is it with life that is subject to destruction.

In addition to paying homage to Buddha during Waisak Day celebrations, Balinese devouts are also expected to bring happiness to the people around them.

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