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Makepung Bullock Races
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Makepung Bullock Races

Bull racing is an age-old tradition across generations in Bali, and the Makepung Bullock Races (aka Negara Bull Races) is one of the most popular bull races on the island.

The name of this bullock race is derived from the local Balinese word, ‘kepung’, which translates to ‘chasing’. The word is comparable to ‘steeplechase’, and means that it is a race that involves bulls ‘chasing’ each other in the race.

Makepung Bullock Races 2024 Dates & Location in Negara Bali, Map

The unique thing about this race is that it brings to life the agrarian way of life and effortlessly blends it with the island’s traditional cultures to create a modern-day tourist attraction. This event also greatly affects other important facets of the island’s economy, including agriculture and farming. The latter is evident with an increase in the number of locals rearing bullocks to participate in the annual Makepung Bullock Races.

Different tracks are scattered across the district to allow for the initial phases of the racing competition. As the races progress, the farmers get to converge at a pre-determined central location. This meeting is called sekaa makepung, and is marked with different festivities.

On the finals day, enthusiastic visitors will gather to cheer on the racing bullocks. In addition to the racing, visitors are also treated to a unique show known as the ‘buffalo fashion show’. During this show, these beautiful animals are dressed in animal clothing embellished with ornaments before being allowed to compete in the best-dressed section.

Makepung Bullock Races run each year and kick off early, usually by 7:30am, so if you want to attend, make your way to the circuit in good time. The dates for each year’s event vary; however, the heats occur each month on a Sunday morning from June to October.

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    • Hi Mel,

      The Tourism office has published the following tentative schedule:
      Sunday, 15 July: Delodberawah Village Circuit
      Sunday, 29 July: Sanghyang Cerik, Tuwed Village Circuit
      Sunday, 12 August: Mertasari. Loloan Timur Circuit (Bupati Cup)
      Sunday, 26 August: Awen, Lelateng Circuit
      Sunday, 9 September: Delodberawah Village Circuit
      Sunday, 23 September: Kaliakah Village Circuit
      Sunday, 7 October: Mertasari. Loloan Timur Circuit
      Sunday, 21 October: Pangkung Dalem, Kaliakah Village Circuit
      Sunday, 4 November: Delodberawah Village Circuit
      Sunday, 18 November: Sanghyang Cerik, Tuwed Village Circuit (Jembrana Cup – FINALS)

      Best regards,

Where is the Makepung Bullock Races located?
What is the Makepung Bullock Races address?
Various race circuits around Jembrana , Negara, Jembrana

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What are the Makepung Bullock Races entry prices?

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