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Bali Kite Festival

Bali Kite Festival

The Bali Kite Festival is an annual festival held on the island from July to October. The event highlights Bali’s unique culture, drawing thousands of visitors each year.

The timing of the kite festival in July and August is key, as this marks the start of the windy season in Bali. In addition to this, both months are peak season for tourists, which means that attendance is full, making it a fun and interactive festival.

Bali Kite Festival near Padanggalak & Sanur 2023 Dates & Times

If you would like to enjoy kite-flying, interacting with the locals as well as the sun and sea, then make your way to Padanggalak. Padanggalak is a coastal region north of the tourist town of Sanur.

For those who would like to plan in advance, it may be a little hard, as the dates are scheduled in accordance with current weather conditions. Therefore, it is best to have a general idea of the dates and then check with your hotel when you arrive to see if they are aware of the confirmed dates.

Once the dates are set, locals gather to compete with foreigners in kite flying. If you head down to the beach to watch or take part, you will see a sky filled with kites of all shapes, sizes and colours soaring above the crowded beaches.

History has it that the festival started off as a colourful fanfare to thank the gods for bountiful harvests and fertility, but has since grown to become one of the most remarkable events on Bali’s event calendar. Prizes are given to the most distinct and creative kites. If you love kites and are a fan of the outdoors, then the Bali Kite Festival is perfect for you.


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