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5 Best Coworking Spots in Bali For Digital Nomads

Low cost of living, affordable accommodations, warm weather, good quality of life, vibrant culture, endless stunning landscapes, and good internet: you’ll find all of these and more in Bali.

It’s no surprise that digital nomads from all around the world have decided to put down roots in the Island of the Gods. Bali is home to a large and growing community of location-independent professionals, so even if you decide to move by yourself, you will likely meet many other interesting individuals.

Bali’s multi-faceted and diverse character draws in characters from all walks of life: from serial entrepreneurs, techies, creatives, and everything in between. In fact, many have given it the nickname of ‘Silicon Bali.’ Just looking at the terrific coworking options on the island will tell you why.

Bali already has all the modern creature comforts that digital nomads need for a successful yet relaxing stay. Just bring a computer and travel insurance, since not everything always goes as planned.

These are the 5 best coworking spots in Bali for digital nomads:

Dojo Bali, Canggu

5 Best Coworking Spots In Bali For Digital Nomads

Dojo is one of the most popular coworking spaces in Asia. You can tell that it has been thoughtfully designed with all the trimmings a digital nomad would need for both work and pleasure. Dojo is hip and stylish, but it’s also big on efficiency: there are meeting rooms available, as well as several dozen chairs and tables all in a rustic, tropical space.

5 Best Coworking Spots In Bali For Digital Nomads

Dojo also has a swimming pool, so if you ever feel like you need to take a break you don’t have to go too far. Grab a bite at Nalu Bowls which serves up delicious smoothie bowls, perfect to fuel you for a day of work. They also regularly organize fun events for digital nomads such as hackathons, barbecues, and seminars.

To avail of Dojo Bali’s coworking services, you’ll have to purchase one of their flexible monthly membership packages.

Hubud, Ubud

5 Best Coworking Spots In Bali For Digital Nomads

Hubud, which is short for ‘hub in Ubud‘, is another great coworking space in Bali. Within Hubud, digital nomads can work from several areas: inside, outside, a loft, and private meeting rooms. The interior is made entirely of bamboo which gives it an authentic Balinese feel.

5 Best Coworking Spots In Bali For Digital Nomads

Hubud’s in-house cafe serves delicious healthy food, coffee, and beers. They also host regular retreats, meetups, and events. Aside from high-speed internet, comfortable work chairs, and a place to work, Hubud also offers Co-learning, Coliving, and Co-giving experiences to cater to the diverse needs of digital nomads.

If you’d like a little help transitioning into the location-independent lifestyle in Bali, Hubud has services to help you do just that.

Outpost, Ubud

5 Best Coworking Spots In Bali For Digital Nomads

One of the largest coworking spaces in Bali is also one of the region’s best. Outpost goes above and beyond when it comes to offering digital nomad services: aside from fast internet and comfortable working chairs, they have a free on-site masseuse to soothe those aching muscles, bottomless coffee and tea, not one but two swimming pools, a nearby river, hammocks, a terrace, and even coconuts delivered straight to your desk. It also doesn’t hurt that Outpost is surrounded by the scenic lush jungles of Ubud.

5 Best Coworking Spots In Bali For Digital Nomads

Outpost hosts regular social events and caters to company retreats, travelling coworking groups, coding camps, and much more. They also have co-living facilities available. Outpost offers a diverse range of membership plans, some of which even include discounts at partner restaurants and yoga studios.

Kumpul, Sanur

5 Best Coworking Spots In Bali For Digital Nomads

Kumpul is a small and charming coworking space in Sanur that caters to tech and creative digital nomads who need reliable collaborative workspaces. The facilities include event spaces, meeting rooms, a garden, bar and restaurant, coffee shop, and all the amenities a productive office would have. At Kumpul, you’ll meet a network of inspiring business and creative professionals.

5 Best Coworking Spots In Bali For Digital Nomads

Kumpul is located within the same building as Rumah Sanur, a popular creative hub, as well as Kopi Kultur which serves excellent Indonesian coffee. Guests who avail of Kumpul’s services can also participate in Rumah Sanur’s exciting events including poetry readings, dance workshops, and live musical performances.

Kumpul offers hourly rates as well as weekly and monthly membership options.

Wave Bali, Kuta

5 Best Coworking Spots In Bali For Digital Nomads

Wave is a quiet coworking space in Kuta that caters to individuals as well as start-ups and digital nomad communities. What sets Wave apart from all the other co-working places in Bali is its affordability, which makes it ideal for the budget-conscious digital nomad. Their drop-in, weekly, and monthly memberships are significantly cheaper than others, but they still offer premium coworking facilities.

5 Best Coworking Spots In Bali For Digital Nomads

Wave features couches, lounges, and tables; high-speed internet, refreshments, and food. Its design is inspired by surf and has a tropical ambience, but more importantly, it has the essentials so that you can focus on being as productive as possible.


No matter which coworking space you end up going to, you definitely won’t be disappointed. Bali is a paradise for digital nomads, so if you’re headed to the Island of the Gods for some work, be sure to check out these places.

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