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Mount Agung

Mount Agung

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Mount Agung is believed to be the home of god and is one of the most popular adventure activities for visitors to Bali who love the outdoors.

As Bali’s highest point, the mountain stands at 3142 meters above sea level, offering adventurous visitors the opportunity to conquer it in a challenging mountain trek.

Mount Agung Bali Trekking Tour Climb, Cost of Sunrise Hike

Typically, a trek up Mount Agung takes about 4 hours for visitors starting out at the Pasar Agung temple. For those wanting a harder challenge, you can start at Besakih Temple from where it will take around 7 hours to climb to the top. Since Mount Agung is much more difficult, it is far less touristy than Mount Batur.

Whichever route you choose, it is important for visitors to ensure that they get a local mountain guide who will assist them discover the mountain’s hidden treasures. Most trekking packages on offer involve an early-morning itinerary that will allow you to reach the summit just in time for sunrise. Torches, hiking sticks and wet weather gear are supplied if needed and your guide will lead the way to ensure that your hike is safe. A tour will generally cost between 600,000 IDR – 1,000,000 IDR ($60-$100 AUD).

At the peak of the mountain, visitors will be able to see Mount Rinjani which is located on Lombok Island. The incredible views about 3 kilometres above sea level are the perfect gift for those daring (and fit enough) to take up the challenge. The descent can be just as tricky as the climb, so ensure you have what it takes to get up and back safely.

It can be quite cold in the morning as your trek starts, so make sure to wear layers which you can take off as the day warms up.

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