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Mount Agung
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Mount Agung

Mount Agung, also called Gunung Agung, is the tallest active mountain and is located in East Bali. It is also the fifth highest volcano mountain in the country.

According to legends ands Balinese traditions, the mountain was formed following the division of Mount Meru by Pasupati, a renowned Hindu god. One of the fragments resulted in the formation of Agung.

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Today, the mountain is considered to be on holy grounds, which explains its spiritual significance. As the location of the Mother Temple of Besakih, it is not difficult to understand why the mountain is one of Bali’s key attractions. The mother temple has a complex design, and consists of more than 86 temples where visitors can tour to understand spirituality in Bali.

The beauty of Mount Agung is evident in the diverse flora and fauna found on the slopes. Wild pigs are common sighting among the forests that dot the mountain sides. Macaque monkeys are also present. Visitors who love bird-watching will be thrilled with the different bird species on the mountain and eagles and hawks can easily be identified on the mountain. A keen bird-watcher will also be able to get a glimpse of the Bali Starling.

At the foot of Agung, visitors are welcomed by lush greenery, but upwards, the mountain displays a harsh landscape that consists of volcanic rock and steep cliffs. Trekking across this landscape is one of the activities that visitors often engage in. There are two routes to get this done: through Besakih and through Pura Pasa Agung. While the trek offers stunning views, it is mandatory that hikers are fit to take on the challenge.

Mount Agung is about an hour’s drive from Sanur. Many travellers opt to stay at Candidasa and Kuta as there are limited accommodations close to Agung. If you choose to go trekking, it is advisable to use a professional guide whose services you can get from the hotel you are staying.

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