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Candidasa is a relaxed town located in east Bali whose location near a lagoon affords scenic views. The town’s coastline stretches from Manggis to Bugbug.

The town’s history can be traced back to the 12th century when it started off as a fishingFishing village. Then, it was known as Cilidasa and Teluk Kehen. The former is attributed to the presence of a temple on location.

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The temple is home to the statue of Hariti, a Buddhist goddess believed to offer fertility. The statue is surrounded by children and the name cilidasa is derived from this.

The relaxed pace of the town is one of the factors that sets it apart from several other attractions in Bali. That said, there is considerable traffic within the main streets in the town, so heading to the beach is an excellent idea if you would like to get some soli


Accommodation is available with different choices to cater for different preferences. Organise luxury accommodation at Vista Del Mar villa, or opt for the upmarket Rama Candidasa Resort which is ideal for travelling families. Get scrumptious meals at Vincent’s, undoubtedly one of the town’s finest restaurants. Or head to Warung Boni for delectable local dishes.

Getting to Candidasa is easy; by taxi, hired cars as well as public transport. For the latter, be on the lookout for the local bus company Perama. Perama offers services to Candidasa from various towns, including Ubud, Kuta, Lovina and Sanur.

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