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Singaraja is located in Bali’s northern region, east of Lovina. The town was once Bali’s capital in the Dutch colonial era.

The town’s history under Dutch rule is evident particularly with the architecture within the streets. The white-plastered storehouses tell tales of years gone by.

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The warehouses were often used for the storage of major trade commodities at the time including tobacco, vanilla and various spices. In addition to this central role, the town also served as a harbour that ushered visitors into north Bali.

Today, Singaraja epitomises the fusion of Balinese culture and colonial traits with a dash of contemporary touch for a delightful experience altogether. This effortless combination makes the town ideal for a leisurely stroll within the town’s streets and alleys.

Follow this up with a tour of Ling Gwan Kion, a lovely Chinese temple located near the ocean. The temple is home to some of the most magnificent Buddha statues. Access the temple through the bridge that passes over a lovely lotus pond.

Make sure you experience the charm of Gedong Kirtya, a delightful lontar museum and library located close to the town’s centre. Lontar is a term used to describe manuscripts written on palm leaves. In addition to these manuscripts at the museum, visitors can also expand their knowledge with an array of books on different topics. The facility is open every day except weekends and national holidays.

The Royal Palace nearby is also a major attraction, and offers a glimpse into the town’s rich cultural heritage. Make sure you sample the night market where you can get fresh fruits, food, and flowers. You could also put your haggling skills to the test by shopping for clothes. Getting to Singaraja is easy, and can be done using a hired van, a taxi or local bemos.

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