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Wangsean Village
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Wangsean Village

Wangsean Village is a charming village located in Sidemen and is a key tourist attraction in Bali for those who want to tour the island like a local.

The village has kept up with local Balinese traditions making this village a great place for visitors who would like to have a traditional Balinese experience.

Wangsean Village Bali Guided Tours & Location Map

The idyllic countryside, the rolling rice terraces and the swaying palm trees make this a surreal experience like no other. You may come across local weavers who may sell you a souvenir or you can simply take photographs of the beautiful landscape. Surrounded by hills and a river, it also has a great view of the highest mount in Bali, Mount Agung.

For those who would like adventure, cycling is a perfect way to enjoy the rustic Wangsean Village. The village is relatively small, so some visitors choose to walk and explore their surroundings. It may be particularly helpful to source the services of a local guide at a fee, although visitors must be wary of price gouging. Negotiate the price of a guide for the day and 50,000 IDR is enough to cover a few hours for a guided tour.

Depending on the date of travel, visitors to Wangsean Village may encounter one of the numerous cultural celebrations here such as the Balinese New Year’s Eve. Locally known as Nyepi, it is common to come across ogoh-ogoh dances with masked performers and energetic crowds.

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