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Mount Prapat Agung
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Mount Prapat Agung

Mount Prapat Agung, also known as Gunung Prapat Agung, is a small mountain in Bali which sits at just 322 metres above sea level.

The mountain is located on the peninsula in the north-west region of Bali and is part of Bali Barat National Park.

Mount Prapat Agung Volcano Trekking & Hiking in Bali, Indonesia

Even though Mount Prapat Agung is relatively small, it is still a special tourist attraction. This is because it is made of limestone, and is one of three mountains in the region to be made of this material. The other two are Bukit Peninsula and Nusa Penida.

Mountains made of limestone are unique in the sense that is characteristic of marine surroundings. By touring the mountain, visitors can get a glimpse of the amazing process of limestone formation.

The surrounding landscape makes Mount Prapat Agung a delightful location for photography-enthusiasts. The sea coupled with panoramic views of the national park make this a special location to visit during your next trip to Bali.

You will find a varied landscape here including rainforest, scrub, limestone mountains and dry savannas. You will also find some beautiful beaches around here, as well as a coral reef which is very popular with scuba divers and snorkelers.

You can get here by car or motorbike from the northern coast road via Lovina (90 mins) or Pemuteran (15 mins). If travelling from the south, you can travel via Gilimanuk (about 15 minutes).

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What is the Mount Prapat Agung address?
West Bali National Park, Sumber Klampok, Gerokgak

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