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Mount Seraya
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Mount Seraya

Mount Seraya is a volcano which is located on the upper east coast of Bali and is surrounded by lush, unspoiled vegetation.

The volcanic rocks create a rugged terrain that challenges even the most experienced hikers and the coastal foot of the volcano has some of the most stunning snorkelling and diving locations in Indonesia.

Mount Seraya Bali Hiking Tours & Trekking Volcano, Indonesia

If you would like to take up the challenging hike, just note that this trek is only for experienced hikers and will take up to 3 hours each way. The trails are physically demanding and a professional guide is a must.

At the top of the mountain, hikers will be treated to the most spectacular view of the surrounding mountain ranges and the sea. On your trek, you may come across some macaque monkeys, as they are a common sighting in this part of the island. The monkeys are bold and curious, so make sure your valuables are guarded.

If you choose to take a tour to this area, you will also be able to view the beautiful Pura Ayu temple and take a dip in the spring pools of Tirta Gangga.

To get to Mount Seraya, you will need to drive 85 kilometres to the upper east coast of Bali. You can hire a private driver for the day or tour by yourself, however, the drive is long and some of the roads are not in the best condition. It is best for most to hire a local driver who will take you there, wait as you explore, and then bring you back to your accommodation.

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