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Gilimanuk, an old harbour town, has long been used to reach Java. As one of the key attractions in West Bali, the town attracts a sizeable number of tourists.

Its strategic location has made it an important connection for tourists who want to get to Java Island. The island also connects to the rest of Indonesia through the Bali Strait.

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Gilimanuk is home to some of the most amazing coral reefs whose unspoiled beauty makes for an amazing trip.

The sandy beaches at the harbour town are an interesting feature as sections of the beach have white and black sands that create magnificent scenery. Proceed further along and get to the mangrove forests, one of the many highlights for nature enthusiasts.

Go snorkelling as there are a number of outlets are available where you can hire snorkelling gear, or go diving with a professional tour operator. Fun in the water does not end at the reefs; proceed to the bay where two tiny islands, Pulau Burung and Pulau Kalong, await your exploration.

As a harbour town, one of the most common methods to reach Gilimanuk is by boat. Ferries are also reliable as they operate 24 hours daily. Bemos are also at hand (shuttle buses), and these operate from Denpasar. Getting around the town is easy as it is small, so walking will suffice.

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