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Bali Strait

The Bali Strait is the body of water that separates Bali from the nearby island of Java which is located just 2.4 kilometres away.

This strait serves as a connection between Bali and Java, and at the same time linking the Bali Sea to the Indian Ocean. This connection plays an important role in Bali’s tourism industry as it helps visitors get through the two locations with ease.

Bali Strait to Java Island – Ferry Service Ticket Prices & Schedule

Unlike Lombok Strait whose depths reach up to 1300 metres, the Bali Strait is just 60 metres deep and is relatively short stretching for just over 2kms. To get across, visitors can make use of the public ferry which offers services 24 hours daily (subject to weather conditions).

The charges for using the ferry are as follows: adults pay 6,000 IDR, while children cost 4,500 IDR. It takes about half an hour to get across the strait, but visitors must account for the time it takes to load and offload. The total time taken could well go above an hour.

On arrival at either destinations, visitors can get alternative means of transport which include bemos (public minibuses), trains and cabs to their places of interest. Bali strait has opened up the island to attractions in Java, in effect, improving tourism in the area.

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