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Banjar Hot Springs

Banjar Hot Springs

Banjar Hot Springs, also known as ‘Air Panas’ of Banjar, is regarded as a holy location. Nestled in the green jungles of Bali, the hot springs lie hidden in a beautifully manicured tropical garden.

The hot springs’ proximity to Lovina Beach makes it a must-visit location when in North-west Bali.

Air Panas Banjar Hot Springs Lovina Bali, Ticket Admission Price

The hot springs consists of three public pool areas and a single private pool section. All four pools contain sulphuric water whose point of origin can be traced back to the volcanoes located in the surrounding area. With temperatures of a hot 37 degrees Celsius, it is easy to see why the hot springs are a favourite for many visitors in the area.

The hot springs are considered to be a sacred location, thanks to the sulfuric waters that are said to possess healing powers. Water at the Banjar Hot Springs jet out from the mouths of eight stone carvings with unique shapes inspired by mythical dragon creatures. This water then flows to the three pools from the upper section, creating seamless continuity.

From the Seririt-Singaraja main route, head up the hill and look for the signposts to the hot springs. The ticket office is at the entrance and there is a parking space for cars and bikes. Motorcycles can drive in a little further, and there are rows of souvenir shops which line the entrance.

There is a shop on site which sells drinks and snacks and there are also toilets, lockers and changerooms. You will also find spa and massage facilities if you would like a full day of relaxation.

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