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Tabanan is a town located in central Bali, and whose history has strong influences from the Dutch colonial era. The town is a key attraction today.

In previous years, poor infrastructure saw a neglect in the tourism sector, but this has improved remarkably in the last few years. This is evident with the construction of high-end resorts to offer exclusive luxurious accommodation for visitors touring the town.

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One of the chief attractions in Tabanan is Mount Batukuru. The mountain stands majestically, almost imposing itself on visitors as it is the second highest mountain in Bali, after Mount Agung. Visitors up for the challenge can go trekking at Mount Batukaru whose name translates to ‘The coconut Shell Rock’.

The extinct volcano mountain takes about 5 hours to climb. Due to its steep nature at certain sections, a high level of fitness is required. Along the trek, visitors will come across diverse flora and fauna as well as sizeable mountain temples. This fun trek is ideal for groups, but is unsuitable for kids below ten.

The Rice Museum is a must-visit when in Tabanan. Just as the name suggests, the museum has artefacts about the history of rice in Bali. Learn a thing or two about the cultivation of this staple product as it transforms from the paddies to the plate.

Mengwi, a tiny town in Tabanan is also worth a visit. Associated with royalty, Mengwi is home to one of the most elegant temples located at Taman Ayun. For a predominantly Hindu community, the presence of a Christian mission station is a sight to behold.

The main coastal road from West Bali to Denpasar courses through Tabanan, making access to the town quite convenient. Make sure to visit Tabanan on your next trip to Bali. Click the link below to book your accommodation today!

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