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Kintamani is a quaint village located to the west of Gunung Batur in Bali. Batur is a spectacular volcanic caldera famed for its sheer natural beauty.

The village is located on the North-South Road that also connects Penelokan and has often been used as a stopover for tourists travelling through Bali.

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Whether it is the fresh mountain breeze, or the stunning views several meters above sea level, Kintamani is a favourite for nature enthusiasts touring this part of Bali.

In addition to the caldera, it is thrilling for travellers to be able to view the crater lake that complements the hot springs bubbling from the earth’s surface. The rugged terrain of Kintamani makes it a memorable destination, but also calls for travellers to plan in advance. The ideal mode of transportation is a 4WD vehicle that should be able to maneuver the rocky trails with ease.

It is important to note that the volcano is still active, and in recent years several eruptions have compelled locals evacuate and some temples have also been forced to relocate to avoid injuries.

Other notable attractions close to the village include the Trunyan village ‘mortuary’, one that is famed for its bizarre traditions. These traditions involve allowing the bodies to undergo natural decomposition as opposed to cremation.

Trekking is also a fairly common activity, with the most prominent trek stretching from Toya Bungkah to the peak of Batur, just in time for an awe-inspiring sunrise which allows precious photograph moments. Get local guides for the best experience.

Getting to Kintamani is not difficult as there are taxi services that are easily accessible. Tourist shuttle vans are also available, and these offer services between Kuta and Lovina with Kintamani village as a stopover. The other alternative for visitors is to hire a car and self drive.

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