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Uss Liberty Shipwreck

USS Liberty Shipwreck

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USS Liberty Shipwreck is the most popular diving location on Bali Island, particularly as it is the location of one of the world’s most famous shipwrecks.

The history of the popular shipwreck dates back to 1942 when a United States Army cargo ship was targeted by a torpedo from a Japanese submarine. The destroyed ship eventually landed at a beach in Bali, in an area known as Tulamben which is located on the north-east of the island.

USS Liberty Shipwreck Snorkelling & Scuba Diving Reef, Tulamben Bali

The volcanic eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 led the shipwreck to its current location after it slipped off the beach. Today, it lies in about 30 feet of water. The shipwreck stretches over 430 feet long, with the deepest part measuring about 100 feet and the shallow end at 16 feet.

The shipwreck is located right off the beach so a boat is not required to start snorkelling here. You will see a huge variety of marine life at this dive site including blue spotted sting rays, batfish, shrimp, angelfish, bannerfish, snapper, butterfly fish and so much more!

The best times to go diving are early mornings and late afternoons as the shipwreck is quite popular with tourists visiting Bali. For an exciting experience, visitors could make bookings for a night dive. The sea comes to life in amazing ways with the blend of the numerous sea species and the remains of the shipwreck.

Otherwise, come at dawn when the crowds are at their lightest and you will be able to enjoy the wreck to yourself. Watch the sunrise as you snorkel the waters around the wreck. Guided scuba tours are also available, so check that the company is reputable and licenced before booking a tour to ensure the highest safety standards.

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