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Singsing Waterfall
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Singsing Waterfall

Singsing Waterfall in Tabanan Regency is an exciting travel destination for tourists who would like a natural treat in the heart of Bali.

The falls are located in Belimbing Village, a quiet village that lies 2 hours from the island’s capital city. You may choose to travel by car or by motorcycle.

Singsing Waterfall Location & Swim Entrance Fee, Tabanan Regency Bali

The road to the waterfalls is surrounded by green rice terraces, certainly a pleasant change from the city’s busy streets. Once at the village, walk up the nature trail that leads up to the waterfalls. Singsing Waterfall consists of two falls: one that is adjacent to the village and another that is located close to Luhur Mekori temple.

The first fall you will come to is very easy to find, only 5 minutes on a well defined trail. Locals may offer to guide you to the second fall as it is more difficult to find, just make sure you agree on a fee first, as they will ask for money after showing you the way.

The best time to visit the falls is during the wet season between October – April as the falls are at their fullest with the heavy rains running down the mountains. There is also a narrow trail over the waterfall that leads to a some small pools where you can have a swim.

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