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Kedonganan Beach
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Kedonganan Beach

Kedonganan Beach is a laid-back tourist attraction in the southern region of Bali and offers a tranquil getaway.

This charming destination has proven to be a favourite for both locals and foreigners, and for good reason. The white sands, the calm waters and the friendliness of the locals are the perfect combination for a fun and exciting holiday.

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Sit and relax on the beach to enjoy sunbathing or take a stroll, you may catch a glimpse of the local fishermen as they return with their catch.

For a small fee, you could hop into one of the locals’ boats for a trip to the open waters. This is made possible by the traditional fishing vessels referred to as ‘junkungs’. These are easy to spot, thanks to their vibrant colours. There is no better way to get a local touch of your holiday than interacting with the Balinese.

Kedonganan Beach is a popular fishing location, and nowhere is this more evident than the numerous food stalls and restaurants that dot the coastal strip. Make sure you eat some of the seafood delicacies prepared by Balinese locals for a taste of the island’s culinary expertise. There are also a couple of bars where you can enjoy a quiet drink as the sun goes down.

As with many locations in Bali, a trip to Kedonganan Beach would be incomplete without enjoying the magnificent sunset. This is truly an amazing way to spend your time in Bali.

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