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Biorock Pemuteran

Biorock Pemuteran

Biorock Pemuteran is a community motivated reef restoration and conservation project in Bali which began in the year 2000.

Biorock technology makes use of low voltage electrical current found on the artificial underwater structures to promote the growth of corals and other lives in the reef. Research has shown that this particular technology is capable of helping to overcome some of the difficult environmental factors that affect the general growth of corals.

Biorock Pemuteran Coral Reef Conservation & Restoration Project, Bali

Apart from reef conservation, this project has also changed the livelihood, the economy of the whole region and the attitude of the people towards marine conservation.

In the past, these great reefs suffered from destructive fishing techniques and El Nino. This is the reason why local villagers took it upon themselves to ensure that these illegal and destructive methods are no longer used by locals or foreigners.

After successfully building these structures to protect and stimulate the rapid growth of the corals, there was a huge request for the project to be expanded. Today, more than 56 Biorock nursery structures are in place with a total length of 300 metres and covering an area of approximately 2 hectares. This makes it the largest restoration and bio rock coral reef nursery project worldwide.

Biorock Pemuteran Bali is located in shoreline areas and between 50-100 meters from the coastline. Water depths here range between 3 to 7 metres deep. The structures are roughly lined hence creating an area of natural snorkelling and diving trail.

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What is the Biorock Pemuteran address?
Next to Taman Sari Resort,
Jl. Seririt - Gilimanuk, Pemuteran, Gerokgak

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