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Angseri Hot Spring
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Angseri Hot Spring

Angseri Hot spring is the perfect destination for those looking to spend a relaxing day in the centre of the island.

The hot springs are located in Angseri village, a sleepy location in Tabanan Regency. The hot springs were initially used as an antique bath area for the locals but has since been transformed into a bathing area enjoyed by both locals and foreigners.

Air Panas Angseri Hot Spring, Pool, Entrance Fee Price & Tickets

Located a couple of hours away from Denpasar using the Bedugul route, the hot springs are hard to miss. Look out for black and white signs that will signal your arrival at the hot springs. An entry fee is payable to enter the springs, but it is very cheap at only around 9,000 IDR for the pool.

The hot springs are divided into different sections: double open-air pool locations, 4 enclosed cabin areas for privacy and rooms that can accommodate up to 6 visitors at a time. The rates are standard for visitors, but the private cabins have a time-limit. The private cabins can cost around 35,000 IDR, but this sometimes depends on who is manning the doors, as sometimes foreigners will be charged more.

You will need to take your own towel and soap, as there are showers on site, however, there are no lockers available, so leave any valuables at your hotel. It is also wise to take your own water and snacks, as sometimes there is no food or drink for sale here.

Perfect for the adventurous travellers, The Angseri Hot Springs is a true Balinese experience.

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What is the Angseri Hot Spring address?
Follow the signs from Jl. Batu Luwih Kawan, Angseri, Bangli

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What are the Angseri Hot Spring entry prices?

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