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Batur Geopark
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Batur Geopark

The Batur Geopark is located around the active Batur Volcano in the north-eastern part of Bali and is a UNESCO listed park.

Currently being managed by the National Tourist Park, the Batur Geopark is hoped to become a significant geological site in the future in educating both locals and foreigners about the environment.

Batur Geopark Volcano & Lake, Day Trips & Tour Cost, Museum Fee

The Batur Geopark features the Mt. Batur volcano where you can see where recent lava flows have made their way along the caldera floor. Lake Batur has formed right next to the volcano and has fish farms and a hot spring located nearby. Coupled with the rich volcanic soil and the local wildlife located here explains why this is such an important environment to the Balinese.

The rich volcanic soils are so important to the Balinese as they are used in building materials such as bricks for houses and stone for Hindu temples.

There are several species of plants and animals living in the geopark. The most common animals you will find are monkeys that normally live around the crater. There are also the Kintamani Dog, also known as the ‘Gembrong’ which resemble a wolf.

There is also a museum located here, however, visitors should note that most of the descriptions and information are in Indonesian, so you will not find much to read in English.

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