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Jimbaran is a delightful destination in Bali. This is attributed to the effortless blend of the fishing lifestyle with the growing tourism sector.

The fishing village is located south of Denpasar International Airport, and is home to everything that the average traveller would look forward to: great accommodation, numerous attractions and a vibrant culture.

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In previous years, the tourism sector has not been without challenges, especially following the Bali bombings in 2005. However, the industry is improving, and that has not prevented tourists from travelling to Jimbaran in their thousands.

The contrast between luxury resorts and simple sea-food stalls creates an interesting concept that allows locals, budget travellers and luxury travellers to all come together on the waterfront. Ensure that you sample the delicious fish cooked fresh from the sea before taking a leisurely stroll on the beach.

Make plans to tour the famous Uluwatu Temple. The seemingly precarious temple stands atop a cliff, giving scenic views of the ocean to the horizon. The exotic setup that constitutes of coastal forests makes the temple one of the most breathtaking places to watch the sun set.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, commonly referred to by its initials GWK, is an exciting park where Bali’s rich culture comes alive. The iconic statue of Vishnu, a Hindu god is a remarkable attraction within the cultural park.

Go and have a picnic at the New Kuta Green Park, a recreational park designed with the family in mind. Visitors choose from pools, gigantic water slides and a myriad of fun activities in the outdoors. Other attractions include the Jimbaran Bay Traditional Fish Market where you can get fresh fish supply and have it grilled your way. Or just relax and watch the fishermen stream in from sea just as the sun rises.

International visitors travelling to Jimbaran arrive at Denpasar Airport before taking a taxi to the fishing village. Public buses, known as ‘bemos’, do not frequent the village so visitors must make prior arrangements for transport.

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