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Bali Visa
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Bali Visa

Getting visas for Bali is not difficult if the correct procedure is followed by travellers. A good place to start would be to identify the type of visa required.

There are six main types of visas for anyone planning to spend some time on the island. They include tourist visas, business visas, socio-cultural visas, employment visas, retirement visas as well as family visas. For the purposes of travelling, tourist and business visas are the most common.

Entry Visas on Arrival for Australians Travelling to Bali, Entry Fee & Cost

Tourist visas are issued on arrival (for select nationalities) at key airports within Indonesia and on the island. It is important for tourists to note that these visas cannot be altered to create other types of travel visas.

The tourist visa is designed for tourist travel is valid for 30 days, including the arrival and departure date. The visa can be paid in various currencies, but its best to have $35 USD in exact change. There is no ATM in the arrivals all before you get through immigration, so make sure to have enough cash to cover your entry.

As aforementioned, Visas on arrival are for select nationalities listed on Bali’s official website. For non-eligible nationalities, it is important to make prior applications before travelling to Bali as these visas will not be available on arrival. The most ideal way to go about this is to visit the Indonesian Embassy in your country of origin.

In the event that a traveller wants to extend their stay in Bali, the correct thing to do is to get an extra stamp that prolongs the validity period by 30 days. There are a number of visa agents that make this possible at a fee. Failure to do this attracts a penalty that increases daily. To avoid any problems with Bali immigration officers, it is advisable to follow the correct procedure or else risk the wrath of police and immigration officials.

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