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Soma Ribek
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Soma Ribek

Soma Ribek is a key festival in Bali called Soma Pon Wuku Sprott. The festival is all about appreciating food and occurs every 210 days.

It is evident that food is an integral part of daily life, and the Balinese Hindus seek to show their gratitude for the availability of food on the island.

Soma Ribek Festival of Food 2024 Celebration Dates, Bali, Indonesia

Since rice is the staple food in Bali, it is apparent why this would be the symbolic offering of choice. To mark Soma Ribek, locals will stop grinding, pounding or selling rice in honour of this day. The locals thank God for the food available and pray to Dewi Sri (the Goddess of prosperity) to give them prosperity.

The feast is closely tied to the Saraswati Feast. As a result, there are divine teachings that the devout locals will adhere to. These teachings will involve knowledge about sustaining life with rice and rice products. This is key for the community because the abundance of rice symbolises prosperity.

The offerings, divine teachings and symbolic acts are fundamental to Soma Ribek. While foreigners should not participate in the rituals, they must respect the day’s customs, including understanding the unavailability of rice in some areas.

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