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Bali Arts Festival
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Bali Arts Festival

The Bali Arts Festival brings the island’s cultural scene to life for a month of daily exhibitions, performances and various art-related activities.

The festival is held to celebrate arts in Bali and bring together art lovers from across the country and beyond.

Bali Arts Festival 2024 Dates, Denpasar Locations & Performances

The month-long festival will have you enjoying different performances all day, with various exhibitions by different artists and classic dance performances and music.

The festival usually starts on the second Saturday of June and finishes in July. During this time, visitors to Bali can see some of the best artwork at the Taman Werdhi Budaya Arts Centre in Denpasar.

Many towns will be decorated with traditional bamboo and coconut decorations to celebrate this festival. Many outdoor stages and pavilions are erected so that the vast array of talent can be viewed throughout Bali island. You will be treated to dances, puppetry and musical performances on these stages.

The festival usually starts with a parade in Denpasar followed by traditional music, then painting, sculpture, and photography exhibitions open to the public. There are also handicraft exhibitions and food stalls serving Balinese cuisine. The festival ends with a ceremony featuring a traditional ballet dance known as ‘sendratari’, which is typically held at the Ardha Candra stage.

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    • Hi Shari,

      I actually checked all of the events just a couple of days and it appears that no dates have been released for 2020.

      While most events seem to be held around the exact same time every year (minus 1 day or 2), most events don’t really confirm their dates until around 6 months out (sometimes I find the dates aren’t even released online until the week of the event).

      After the event wraps up this weekend, I will be checking to see if the dates are released on a periodic basis, so I’ll be sure to update this page with details as they are announced.


  • Hi
    What’s the confirmed final date for the festival . From what I understand is that it is slated
    for 21st June 2018 which is a Thursday which was to me unusual , as usually main procession
    always on Saturday.

    Look forward to your prompt reply so that I can asap make travel arrangements.


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