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Ramayana Bali Mall
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Ramayana Bali Mall

The Ramayana Bali Mall offers visitors an exciting shopping experience. The first mall to open its doors in Denpasar, the mall has retained its unique charm.

A short distance from major tourist attractions, Ramayan is worth a visit for those looking to browse as the shopping centre has several stories.

Ramayana Bali Mall Shopping Centre Denpasar Opening Hours & Stores

The mall is easy to identify with is bright orange facade and many locals shops here, which means that the prices are generally lower than some of the other “international” malls.

There are some small restaurants located on the ground floor as you enter, such as Pizza Hut and ice-cream stores. On the upper levels, you will find clothing, shoes, accessories, sports stores and so much more. You will also find an optician and bookstore.

Some of the well-known brands located here include Oakley and Ray-Ban, but most of the clothing here is local Indonesian brands. This means that the clothing is much cheaper than in western countries and you can get a t-shirt for around 50,000 ($5 AUD) and leather shoes for around 10,000-20,000 ($10-$20 AUD).

Head up another level for a gaming arcade, bowling alley as well as massage parlours and spa centres. You can also get your hair cut at a cheap rate and get money changed at one of the authorised money sellers here. You will also find a supermarket inside the mall where you can buy all your groceries and alcoholic beverages.

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