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Medewi Beach
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Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach is a must-visit for anyone looking for a quiet retreat on the north-western coast of Bali.

The little-known beach offers a quiet setting for visitors and gives a glimpse of what Bali was like before the booming tourism sector took root on the island.

Surfing at Medewi Beach Bali, Hotel Accommodation, Resorts & Villas

Medewi Beach is a popular surfing location and it is not unusual to see large groups of surfers who are all looking for the perfect wave. Many of the visitors staying in this part of the island come here just for the surfing experience, and that is good as there is not much else by way of tours or organised activities at this beach.

Catch up with the locals returning from their fishing sessions towards the eastern part of the beach. This is the perfect place to get fresh seafood as you interact with the locals.

The beach has two sections. One half is home to numerous large stones and pebbles that dot the sand, while the other has fine sand. You will find a few sunbathers resting on the sandy part of the beach and Medewi Beach is also the perfect location to watch the sunset.

Its laid-back aura makes it perfect for those looking forward to a relaxing getaway and the best part is that you might even find that you have the beach all to yourself!

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What are the Medewi Beach entry prices?
10,000 IDR /hour for Wi-Fi

40,000 IDR for the pool

300,000 IDR surfing lesson (board included)

100,000 IDR surfing board rental

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