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Les Waterfall

Les Waterfall

Les Waterfall, also known as Yeh Mempeh Waterfall, is located in Tejakula sub-district, in the eastern part of Singaraja in Bali.

This is a choice attraction for those who would like a different experience from the conventional beach and temple tours as you will not find many tourists here.

Les Waterfall aka Yeh Mempeh Waterfall Bali, Swimming & Entry Fee

The waters of Yeh Mempeh plunge to more than 100 feet into a large pool at the bottom. The surrounding area is made up of Bali’s rural countryside and this allows you to get a glimpse of the natural Bali countryside without the hoards of tourists that are common in the beach areas.

One of the largest waterfalls, and the most impressive, Les Waterfall gives you more than enough reason to extend your trip and explore the natural beauty of the area. The fact that this area is not crowded unlike some of Bali’s popular beaches means that you can tag along with your family for a tranquil getaway.

It is fascinating to learn that this waterfall is categorised as a Horsetail Waterfall. What this means is that the water does not spread out, and instead covers the rocks beneath. For this reason, there are no steps that visitors can use to access the water pooled below the waterfalls.

Some of the amenities available at the Les Waterfall include parking space, food vendors, souvenir shops as well as stalls that sell beverages. Entry is free, but it is common for visitors to make a donation on arrival at the adjacent village.

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