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Tenganan Aga Village

Tenganan Aga Village

Touring the Tenganan Aga Village is one of the ways in which visitors can experience the Balinese culture as well as interact with the locals.

The village is situated in East Bali, about 4kms from the tourist town of Candidasa. For visitors arriving from the Ngurah Rai International Airport, the journey will take just over an hour.

Tenganan Aga Village Location in Candidasa East Bali, Entry Fee

The biggest attraction about this village is its preservation of the local culture. Surrounded by diverse flora and fauna, rolling hills and the verdant jungle, it is hard to miss the tranquillity of this village.

Tenganan Aga Village is famed for its rich traditions and, in particular, for its various cultural festivals including Perang Pandan, which is held in June each year.

The symmetrical arrangement of the village also endears visitors to the lasting traditions of the locals. Houses in this village are constructed such that the doors open to the south and entrance into the village is made possible by the gate to the south.

Both sides of the entrance have temples, with the drum tower located across the two temples. The drum at the tower is beaten 21 times to signal the start of a new day. Right in front of the drum tower are pavilions for the locals to meet.

There is no fee to enter the village and no specific dress code, though if you are planning to visit temples in the surrounding area, then it is best to dress modestly.

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