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Gunung Payung Beach
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Gunung Payung Beach

Gunung Payung Beach is an isolated beach tucked away on the southern-most coast of Bali. It one of the island’s hidden treasures for those on an adventure of discovery.

The locals refer to the beach as Pantai Gunung Payung, since the local word for beach is pantai. This is a favourite for travellers who love to take a day trip the off-beaten track.

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Gunung Payung Beach is not only scenic but is also less crowded compared to other popular beaches such as Kuta. Its hidden location will take you past rolling hills and steep cliffs to get to the sparkling white sandy beach. On the way, you will notice Pura Gunung Payung standing majestically on one of the hills.

This beach can be hard to find, so you will probably need to ask the locals for directions; they are well-versed with the terrain. Its undisturbed surroundings make it a haven of tranquillity in an island that is fast becoming commercialised.

Its solitary location, coupled with this serenity makes it a perfect destination for anyone who loves a hidden getaway. So sample a local meal in the villages located nearby, go sightseeing, take a hike up any of the cliffs, and wind down with an evening swim.

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