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Geger Sawangan Beach
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Geger Sawangan Beach

Geger Sawangan Beach is one of the prime attractions in Nusa Dua and is a must-visit location on your next trip to Bali.

This hidden location endears itself to the adventurous traveller because it is a deserted paradise, free from the throngs of tourists that inhabit Kuta beach and the like.

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To get to Geger Sawangan Beach, you need to access By Pass Ngurah Rai Jimbaran that will lead you to a junction where you will take a right turn in the direction of Hotel Nikko. From here, the stunning beach is a 10-minute drive away.

Sunrise at the beach is spectacular so head down here for a morning swim after the sun rises. If you are a surfer, the waves are best in the morning, so grab your board and hit the waves as dawn breaks.

Seaweed cultivation is a popular activity on this beach, so you may want to have a look at what this process entails. On request, you may accompany the seaweed farmers and even help them dry out the harvested plant.

You will notice the presence of camels on this beach. Camels are the mode of transport here, so take a camel ride to reach either end of the beach. This hour-long ride will lead you to various amenities on the beach including massage parlours, souvenir stalls and food vendors.

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