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Belulang Hot Spring
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Belulang Hot Spring

Belulang Hot Spring is a notable tourist attraction located in the centre of the island and tucked away in the middle of a ride paddy field.

The waters of the hot spring come from the Beji Temple region which is home to a refreshing pond and tiny pool.

Belulang Hot Spring Natural Pools, Price & Opening Hours, Ubud

This water has an adequate mineral concentration that makes it perfect for visitors who would like to experience its healing powers. The waters are also a rejuvenating way to refresh your body, particularly after a long and hot day in Bali.

The Belulang Hot Spring is a short walk from the parking and visitors are able to get into one of the small pools or bathing areas where you can stand under the water as well as sit or float.

You must wear bathers in these hot springs, you are not permitted to swim naked. So make sure to bring a towel and a change of clothes. There are also a number of friendly vendors who will be happy to sell you a cold drink or a snack.

The location of the hot springs is about 10 miles from Tabanan. You won’t smell any sulphur here which means that it is popular with many tourists. So come on by to the Belulang Hot Spring for a relaxing experience.

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