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Candi Dasa Beach

Candi Dasa Beach

Candi Dasa Beach, nestled away in the quiet neighbourhood of Samuh in a charming little village known as Bugbug, is a pleasant travel destination for your next trip to Bali.

Candi Dasa Beach was formerly referred to as Teluk Kehen which translates to ‘Kehen Bay’. This was later changed to its present name in order to reflect the growth of the tourism sector on this part of the island.

Candi Dasa Beach Bali, Hotel Accommodation, Resorts & Villas

The tranquil setting at Candi Dasa makes it a favourite for travellers who would like a quiet retreat, away from the wilder and more crowded beaches in Bali. The best thing about this destination is that it offers a wide range of accommodation, ranging from the opulent 5-star beach resorts to budget accommodation, perfect for backpackers.

There are also many historical sites of interest where you can learn more about the island’s past and the tumultuous colonial period when the island was under Dutch rule. Make your way to Candi Dasa Lotus Lagoon before proceeding to make a pilgrimage to the popular Goa Lawah Temple. Your holiday would be incomplete without visiting the Taman Ujung Water Palace, a fascinating and top attraction close to the beach.

This beach is easily accessible and is located on the upper eastern side of the island coast. This makes Candi Dasa Beach a perfect base for your Bali adventures in this part of the island. The numerous cultural attractions, as well as vibrant and colourful traditions, offer you more options than you can probably sample while on the island.

With all these attractions, it is little wonder Candi Dasa Beach is a top destination on the island.

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