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If you are looking for something unique to do whilst in Bali, why not try a paragliding experience which will take you high in the sky over this beautiful island.

Paragliding is an adventurous activity, perfect for those who would like a change away from the beaches and numerous temples Bali is famous for.

Paragliding sites in Nusa Dua & Seminyak Bali, Pricing & Location

The paraglider is a motorless glider that relies on the use of height and wind. The rider sits in a harness and uses their arms to steer the glider.

This outdoor activity offers excellent aerial views of the island, perhaps the best way to soak in all of the island’s beauty. Many of the companies that offer Bali Paragliding services require that a visitor is accompanied by a professional paragliding pilot to ensure safe steering and foot landing.

Paragliding is available for both novices and professionals, with novices being trained before their flight by a professional paraglider. For first timers, you can take a tandem flight with a professional who will deal with all the technicalities of your flight, including take-off and landing. You will then take off from a mountain slope, will catch the wind and get in the air.

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