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There are so many different forms of accommodation in Bali which is why it has become such a popular tourist destination for travellers.

Bungalows are one of those popular options which are available at various price points making them a great option for every kind of traveller.

Cheap and Luxurious Over Water Beach Bungalows in Kuta Bali

Most bungalow accommodation in Bali is readily affordable for most holidaymakers due to the low cost. These moderately priced options offer great amenities and service for their guests. The island boasts beautiful and luxurious bungalow rentals near the coastline and some of the private pool bungalows also offer group accommodation options.

You will find the bungalows well furnished and decorated to a high standard. In order to save a little money, accommodation is generally cheaper if you visit during the off-season, as summer is the peak time for holidaymakers. If you opt for the more expensive beach bungalows, then you will get to choose from a fantastic range of luxury options near the coastline. The most luxurious choices can be quite expensive compared to other bungalow options, so make sure to compare a few bungalows at different locations around the island.

These luxury accommodation choices include numerous amenities such as a private gym, swimming pool, massage facilities and home entertainment systems. Many places also offer special tour and travel packages, honeymoon packages and island tours organised exclusively for guests.

Other bungalows have more of a rustic feel at a cheaper rate as they may have overhead fans, but no air-conditioning. Make sure to check through each of the options to find something that is right for you. Click the link below to find the best accommodation deals.

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