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Living in Bali

Living in Bali, for many foreigners, may be the result of looking for a break from a 9-5 lifestyle, coupled with the desire to travel the world.

As with any long term move, there are certain things that should be planned in advance, such as Visas, housing and financial security.

Cost of Living in Bali Indonesia, Cheap Expat Housing, Australian Visas

Top on the list of reasons many people move to Bali is the cost of accommodation. Just note that foreigners cannot own property in Indonesia, therefore many expats rent under long leases. There are budget options for those who would like to live frugally as well as luxurious houses for those who would like to live in comfort. A decent 2 bedroom house with air-conditioning in Bali can easily be rented for less than 5,000,000 IDR per month ($500AUD).

Transport is also another important factor to consider. Most people travel around Bali on a scooter or motorbike. While car rental is available, it can be quite expensive compared to other modes of transport and traffic and parking can be a pain in the touristy areas. Scooters only cost about 30,000-50,000 IDR per day ($3-5 AUD). If you are living out of town in a secluded area, a car might be a good option for you. Just note that you will need an international licence to drive or ride and if pulled over by the police, you can be fined.

The issue of how to stay long term in Bali on a Visa is an unresolved issue. Many travellers seek retirement or business Visa, or many people just come in and out on the tourist Visa. A tourist Visa gives you 30 days and costs US$35. Seek further advice from immigration experts on long-term Visa requirements.

Food and drink are cheap in Bali. You can get a meal for as little as 1000 IDR ($1AUD) or can also find luxurious 5-star restaurants that cook lavish meals. Beers are cheap, at only around 1000 IDR ($1AUD), but other alcohol such as Vodka or Gin can be a little more costly.

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