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The Global Harmony Monument
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The Global Harmony Monument

The Global Harmony Monument is one of Bali’s treasures and certainly a must-visit for anyone looking for a unique experience into Bali’s historic past.

Located in the cultural capital of Bali, Ubud, the Global Harmony Monument is a place for peace, relaxation and reflection during your stay in Bali.

The Global Harmony Monument Ubud Bali Entry Fee & Dress Code

The monument is located about 3kms from the main Street in Ubud and is quite close to Tegal Lantang Temple, making it possible for visitors to tour both locations in a day. The monument is divided into three key groups, each which is symbolic of harmonious living.

Ganesa, the elephant-headed god depicts the profound power of wisdom and is accompanied by Garuda, the eagle whose symbolic meaning is the act of soaring to the heavenly realm. This is then followed by the Naga, a representation of the serpents that indicate the earthly realm.

By understanding what The Global Harmony Monument stands for, it is easy to share hopes and dreams of an ideal world. The monument is intricately designed, so you may want to take a few photos as a reminder of the values projected by this iconic structure in Bali.

There is no fee to visit the monument and no formal dress code, however, visitors should dress conservatively if planning to visit other temples in the area.

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What is the Global Harmony Monument address?
Jl. Sri Wedari

600 Meters from the Tegal Lantang Temple, Ubud, Tegallalang

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What are the Global Harmony Monument opening hours?
What are the Global Harmony Monument entry prices?

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