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Sindhu Beach
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Sindhu Beach

Sindhu Beach, located in Sanur Village on the south-east of the island, is a laid back travel destination that will charm you with its stunning scenery and friendly locals.

As with many idyllic beaches, Sindhu is a popular tourist attraction. Its white sands merge with the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean waters, creating the perfect backdrop for a Bali holiday.

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The waters stretch as far as the eye can see, and at dawn, the spectacular sunrise welcomes a new day full of adventure. This same breathtaking view is repeated at sunset when the golden rays of the setting sun strike Mount Agung to create an alluring view.

In addition to these spectacular views, Sindhu Beach is home to a great surfing zone with enormous waves that offer a surmountable challenge for surfers from all over the world. To enjoy this water adventure, you would have to take a boat to the shore break which is quite a distance from the beach.

There are a number of amenities on location, and these include hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. Get a delicious meal prepared with local ingredients or choose from a huge range of international cuisines.

Sindhu Beach is just half an hour from Denpasar Airport, and its proximity to other popular surfing hotspots makes it a favourite for both local and international tourists. It is also close to other tourist attractions such as the Bali Art Centre, the traditional market at Badung as well as Jagatnatha Temple.

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