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Pura Penglipuran
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Pura Penglipuran

Pura Penglipuran is a Balinese temple tucked away in the heart of Penglipuran Village, a sleepy village whose rich traditions make it a popular attraction.

The perfect blend of countryside charm, rich cultures and a solid village structure provides an ideal background for the temple, in effect offering a warm welcome to both devout Balinese locals and foreign visitors.

Pura Penglipuran Temple Bali Entry Fee & Dress Code

The village is approximately 700 metres above sea level and the cool temperatures allow you to explore the village’s precincts, even during the hottest days.

The temple was constructed in such a way that it faces the same direction as Mount Agung. This is a key aspect since the mountain is considered to be a sacred mountain in Bali. The temple follows the basic layout of temples in Bali and is aptly divided into various courtyards. The courtyards lead to the temple’s inner rooms through gateways.

One of the things that visitors can pick at Pura Penglipuran is that the temple is constructed mainly from bamboo trees, a factor that can be attributed to the village’s rich production of bamboo trees. This is in addition to the intricate carvings within the temple.

Visitors who arrive at the temple during religious festivals are treated to the vibrant and colourful affair as locals dance away to the temple to make their offerings. In order to access the temple, visitors must adorn traditional clothes including making sure that shoulders, midriffs, knees and ankles are covered. Entrance to the temple is free. Donations are gratefully accepted.

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